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Industry Standards

We support the major standards for polyphonic music including:

  • MIDI - byte stream containing synthesizer commands such as NoteOn, PitchBend, etc.
  • General MIDI (GM) - defines library of 175 available instruments and response to common MIDI commands.
  • Scalable Polyphonic MIDI (SP-MIDI) - defines requirements for mobile devices and allows composer to control the allocation and assignment of voices to instruments.
  • Standard MIDI File (SMF) - formatted ".mid" file containing MIDI commands, tempo changes, composer's name, lyrics, etc. Formats 0 and 1 supported.
  • Mobile XMF (MXMF) - wrapper for an SMF file and a Downloadable Sound (DLS) instrument library containing custom sounds.
  • ANSI 'C' - portable source code.


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