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Mobileer audio engines for embedded devices. Our flagship product, the ME3000 polyphonic ringtone engine is a highly portable software product which can be integrated into the designs of mobile phones, PDAs, toys, low cost musical instruments and other handheld devices.

The ME3000 plays Standard MIDI Files (SMF) as well as Mobile XMF (MXMF) song files. It supports the full General MIDI instrument set, and supports the Scalable Polyphonic MIDI (SP-MIDI) standard for telecommunications devices.

The ME3000 software is designed specifically to be embedded into fixed-point integer 32-bit CPU designs such as those based on ARM or MIPS.

ME3000 Benefits

  • Hybrid synthesis for rich, high quality sounds
  • Software solution can replace an expensive audio chip
  • Clean design simplifies integration
  • Saves development time and cost

Mobileer also offers the ME2000 and ME1000.

Visit our experimental music site "", home of JSyn, a music synthesis API for Java.

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