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Mobileer Hybrid Editor

The Mobileer Hybrid Editor is a tool for creating instrument sets for the ME series players. It can be used to design Wavetable and Non_Wavetable instruments. The Editor enables the user to create multiple projects, export projects and songs and manipulate data to enhance musical output.

The Editor is available under a separate license. It is only needed if you want to design custom instrument sets. The ME player comes with standard general MIDI instrument sets included.

Mobileer Editor Components:

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WaveSet Editor

The WaveSet Editor enables the user to add Wavetrees, add and edit wavesets, change the sample rates.

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WaveTable Editor

The WaveTable editor converts raw recordings to usable wavetable data. It provides high quality sample rate conversion, smart looping, end trimming, filtering, normalization and other tools.

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Orchestra Editor

The Orchestra Editor enables the user to manipulate notes in pitch, modulation, looping, and filtering. It allows the user to create different envelopes with specific instructions

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Instrument Editor

The Instrument Editor enables the user to alias instruments to other instruments and programs.

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Song Editor

The Song Editor enables the user to add MIDI files to a playlist, generate comparative reports, export songs and playlists to source files and XMF, and select Max voices or Solo.

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