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Scaleable Polyphonic Synthesizer

  • Parse standard MIDI byte commands, for example, NoteOn, PitchBend, Control.
  • Allocate voices based on priorities and masks from Scaleable Polyphony SysEx message, and default GM Lite channel priorities.
  • Dynamic control over number of voices supported.
  • MIDI Processor calls Polyphonic Synthesizer to fill buffers with synthesized audio data.
  • Dynamic selection of mono or stereo operation, and sample resolution(8-32 bits).
  • Instrument sounds are synthesized using mathematical synthesis.

Standard MIDI File Player

  • Plays both Format 0 and Format 1 files.
  • Parses MIDI commands and timing information from the file and passes commands to the synthesizer.
  • MIDI File can be played starting at any arbitrary point in the song.
  • MIDI File can be looped with exact timing preserved. This is handy when looping short ringtones with precise rhythm.
  • Passes copyright info and other "meta" information found in the file to the application using callbacks. This can be used to support Karaoke or to display information about the composer.
  • Supports disabling or enabling of individual tracks.
  • Calculates and returns duration of MIDI file in milliseconds.


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