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System Requirements

The ME Series Polyphonic Ringtone Engine requires the following in order to run on your system:

  • 32 bit integer data types.
  • 32 bit integer multiply. No floating point support is required.
  • Approximately 40-50 KBytes of ROM for code and data storage for the ME1000. The ME2000 will use more memory, several 100 KB, for wavetable storage.
  • Approximately 20-30 KBytes of RAM for voices and buffers. This will vary depending on the number of voices that you choose to support, and the features you have enabled.
  • Approximately 20 MIPS of processing power.
  • A Digital to Audio Converter (DAC) to play the audio output of the synthesizer.
  • 'C' compiler. To enhance portability, no operating system or stdlib calls are made by the engine. So it should compile easily on any system.

Please note that memory and CPU utilization can vary depending on the processor used, cache sizes, memory latency, etc.

Your software will need to load ringtones into memory, pass them to the ME synthesis engine, and then pass the resulting audio data to the DAC.

More detailed requirements for memory and CPU performance are available under NDA. Please contact Mobileer to sign an NDA and receive more information.

The ME Software can run without an operating system, or it can use the operating system to allocate memory and provide audio output. Operating systems currently supported include:

  • Palm OS
  • Windows Embedded
  • Linux Embedded
  • MicroC/OS-II
  • and others


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