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Mobileer Product Line

Prodicta - dictation/transcription

Prodicta is a cloud based dictation/transcription software suite that provide in-browser recording and a marketplace.

ME Series

Mobileer provides the ME Series MIDI software synthesizers for use in embedded products that include mobile phones, toys, and musical devices.

Primary Features

  • Easy Integration. Portable 'C' code with no OS dependencies.
  • Polyphonic ringtone synthesizer that scales to your devices capabilities.
  • Support for standards: SP-MIDI, SMF, Mobile XMF, General MIDI
  • MIDI command parser for games or interactive use.

Mobileer Hybrid Editor

The Mobileer Hybrid Editor is a tool for creating instrument sets for the ME series players. It can be used to design Wavetable and Non_Wavetable instruments.


AutoDuck is an automated mixer that mixes short voice recordings on top of a music track.

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