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Mobileer Ringtone Demos

Note: this page is to demonstrate the sound capabilities of the Mobileer Ringtone Engine to prospective licensees. It is not for downloading ringtones for your personal mobile phone.

The Mobileer license package includes a set of custom ringtones composed exclusively for Mobileer by local artists (click here to read their bios). You can hear these original compositions as synthesized by the ME1000 and ME2000 products. The MIDI files were rendered to WAV files using the Mobileer Polyphonic Ringtone Engine and then converted to MP3 using LAME. You can listen to them directly by clicking on the links below.

Please note that Mobile handsets often play ringtones in a loop so, the some of the MP3 files on this site will loop the song twice. Loops are designed to repeat indefinitely and may seem to end abruptly in this demo.

The ME2000 adds wavetable capabilities to the ME1000 so you will hear increased realism for some instruments, particularly piano, violin, guitar and other common acoustic instruments.

All songs are copyrighted by the composers and may not be used without permission.

Sonata 3 E Major (C) P Burk Arrangement of a Bach Sonata listen listen
Ring Cha Cha (C) Parson Latin influence listen listen
Urban Ore (C) Parson Hip-hop style listen listen
Ring Bop (C) P Burk Starts with telephone ring sound, chimes listen listen
Up and Down (C) P Burk Lots of triplets listen listen
Partita in D Minor (C) P Burk Arrangement of a Bach Partita listen listen
Ringin'Reggae (C) P Burk alternative version has vibrator callback listen listen
Bonyparte's Retreat (C) Polansky Traditional American melody listen listen
New Hampshire Gamelan (C) Polansky Inspired by Javanese gamelan. listen listen
Scottish fiddle tune (C) P Burk traditional listen listen
Fur Elise (C) P Burk Excerpt from Beethoven piano piece listen listen
Furry Lisa (C) P Burk Corrupted Beethoven piano piece listen listen
Echo Echo (C) P Burk Short riff with echo instrument listen listen
Time Before (C) P Burk Increasingly loud ringtone, listen listen
Ducklings (C) T Telford Increasingly loud ringtone, slow melody listen listen
Old Phone (C) P Burk Classic ringing bell (synthesized) listen listen
Answer Me Now (C) P Burk Insistent ring listen listen
Belgique (C) P Burk Study in Harmony listen listen
Doppleganger (C) W Burk Haven't I seen myself somewhere before? listen listen
RingRang (C) Polansky Ringing off the hook listen listen
Bird Chirp (C) P Burk Synthesized tweeter listen listen
Rok Driver (C) Parson rock and roll listen listen
Kenshasa (C) Parson African influence listen listen
6/8 World Blues (C) Parson World Beat listen listen
Bach Invention (C) Parson Arrangement of a piece by Johann Sebastian Bach listen listen
Mozart Divertimento (C) Parson Arrangement of a piece by Mozart listen listen
Out to Bomb Fresh Kings (C) Didkovsky High energy listen listen
Take Your Ears As The
Bones of their Queen
(C) Didkovsky Angular melody over flowing counterpoint  listen listen
Nothing Like Dreaming (C) Polansky Theme from a new film by director Nora Jacobson listen listen
Henry Calling (C) Polansky A rhythmicana, homage to Henry Cowell listen listen
Dry on a Rainy Day (C) W Burk New wave inspired  listen listen

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