Note that Mobileer Inc is no longer accepting new customers.

Mobileer Engineering Services

Mobileer offered research, design and development services in several areas.

  • System or application level software design and programming
  • Digital audio hardware architecture and design
  • Programming in 'C', C++ and Java and various assembly languages
  • Embedded systems development and chip wrangling, ARM, PPC
  • Audio DSP (digital signal processing)
  • ASIC design and verification using Verilog
  • Forth compilers and applications, pForth customization and training
  • Network software in 'C' and Java, client/server design, web integration, etc.
  • Database design using MySQL or other systems
  • Web scripting using PHP, JSP, ASP
  • MIPS simulators and performance analysis

Former clients include:

  • Sony - various audio, networking and system level projects for PlayStation 3, (PS3)
  • Leapfrog Toys - Java applications for managing and processing music and audio files
  • Microsoft - audio codec development for XBox
  • TeleCruz Inc. - Verilog design of audio module for digital television, AC-3, MP2, MP3, AAC decoder customization in 'C', Gem Graphics library, MIPS CPU and hardware simulator in Java.
  • HighWired Technologies - Java and C++ software for voice messaging service
  • Max Neuhaus - Linux based sound servers for museum installations with fault monitoring and web-based maintenance
  • Business Voice - custom voice-over-music authoring tool in Java
  • Red Jade - custom QNX audio driver and audio API design for handheld device
  • (undisclosed) - signal processing tools and testbed for an electrocardiogram application in Java
  • Freedom Audio - Java native code for audio playback, recording and Ogg Vorbis compression
  • Emerging Voice Technology Inc. - sound analysis library in 'C' for telephone connection quality analyzer
  • Active Chinese - voice recorder for language learning on Mac OS X
  • Lufthansa Flight Training - customized voice recorder for teaching radio communication skills in their web based training courseware
  • Team Hutchins AB - voice message recorder and file uploader using Java, PHP and MySQL
  • Hub - collaborative networked music Applets for Hub history web site
  • Sprint Telecommunications - voice alarm system for monitoring their long distance network
  • Microsound International - MIDI file tuning enhancement library and Java application
  • Web TV - pForth tools for ASIC validation and verification

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