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The ME3000 has all the features of the ME2000 plus it adds support for the new Mobile XMF standard. MXMF is a new ringtone standard that combines Standard MIDI Files (SMF) with custom Downloadable Sound (DLS) instruments for vocals, sound effects or unique instrument sounds.

MXMF ringtones can combine the General MIDI instruments with the custom instruments and play them at any pitch. An example would be a cat meow singing over GM Piano, Guitar and Drums. MXMF ringtones provide sound similar to MP3 real-tones but in a file sized more like an SMF. Many MXMF files less than 10 KB. This allows a phone to store many more MXMF ringtones than it could store MP3 ringtones, and download is much faster than for MP3s.

A new Mobileer SongPlayer API, automatically detects the ringtone type (SMF or MXMF) and uses the appropriate loader and player.


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