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Mobileer Clients

This partial list of our clients will give you an idea of how and where the ME software is being used.


Handspring was a pioneer in the design of PDAs and smart-phones. Handspring used the Mobileer ME1000 to play ringtones and provide MIDI capability in their award winning Treo 600 smart phones.

Mitch Allen, Director of Software, Handspring says "We are very pleased with the sound quality, performance and small footprint of the SP-MIDI synth software. Mobileer (previously SoftSynth) has a great solution for low-powered mobile devices."


Palm acquired Handspring and continued using Mobileer software in their product line. Palm used the ME2000 in their Treo 650 and Treo 700w smartphones.


Saxa, Inc. is one of the leading providers of telephone equipment in Japan. They chose the ME2000 for use in their Actys and Regalis product lines of key telephone systems that includes VoIP and router functions and are expanding their use of the ME2000 into other products.

Masa Makino, Manager of Network Solutions Engineering says "ME2000 has high quality and performance as a ring tone engine, and it is also easy to be ported to a code as embedded software for telephony products."



Freehand Systems

Freehand Systems uses the ME2000 to add MIDI song playing capability to their Music Pad Pro. The Music Pad is a large tablet computer that can also display and edit sheet music.


Other clients not yet announced include:

  • a major Japanese semiconductor manufacturer that is including the ME3000 in their multi-media chip,
  • a major toy company that is using the ME2000 in their interactive toys
  • a developer of music composition software for PDAs

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