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The Mobileer Management Team

Phil Burk, President and Chief Technologist

Phil Burk founded Mobileer to commercialize his audio-engine related inventions. Phil is an inventor, computer programmer and designer who specializes in interactive and experimental music systems. He has a rich history in the worlds of computers and sound. Phil earned a B.S. in BioPhysics at the University of California, Berkeley. While on the faculty at the Mills College Center for Contemporary Music, he collaborated with Larry Polansky and David Rosenboom to develop HMSL, the Hierarchical Music Specification Language, an object oriented, composition language that supports MIDI and DSP based synthesis. Phil was also the Manager of Audio Systems at the 3DO Company where he led the development of the first DSP based synthesis system for a video game console. Phil's other inventions include: JSyn, a Java API for audio synthesis; JavaSonics ListenUp, a voice recording system for the web; and TransJam, a client/server system for collaboration on the web.

Phil has contributed to academia and the business world by authoring numerous papers, teaching and taking on new challenges to combine techniques from the world of sound creation with techniques from computer software design. Phil has consulted to many leading companies over the last two decades providing contract programming services in addition to technology innovation.

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