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General MIDI Instrument Library

The General MIDI Instrument Library defines the sound of 128 melodic instruments and 47 percussion instruments. Here is a small sampling of sounds from the GM library. These were generated by converting a MIDIFile to a WAV file using the ME1000 Ringtone Engine, then converting the WAV file to an MP3.

Listen to Some Individual Instruments from the ME1000
Uses FM to generate enharmonic partials.
Rock Organ
Saw and Square waves with vibrato.
Modulated square waves for intense sound. (Pitch dropped at end of song to simulate deflation.)
Use noise to model breath sound.
FX2 Soundtrack
Two pole resonant filter for space sound.
Steel Drums
Uses FM to generate enharmonic partials.
Uses envelope loop to generate rapidly repeated ring.
Filtered white noise to model rotor noise.


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