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Resources for Manufacturers

This list of resources is provided to assist handset manufacturers in quickly locating information and companies:

Preview Treo 600 Ringtones

This summer 2003 article in Handspring's e-newsletter by Michael Ducker discusses why Handspring chose Mobileer to integrate its ME1000 product into the Treo 600 mobile communication device.

The Future of Ringtones

This recent article asks the question "What's in the stars for ringtones?"

Cell Phone Ringtone Sales Hit $3.5B

CNN Money story about the growth of the ringtone content market.

The Web's New Currency

(Requires subscription to Wall Street Journal.)

This Winter 2003 article discusses a new generation of e-payment companies making it easy to "pay as you go". The article highlights the potential for expanding the market for MP3 and ringtone downloads.

Who Likes Ringtones? (PDF)

(PDF file requires Adobe Acrobat.) This October 2003 article provides results of statistical research conducted to determine the interest level of wireless subscribers in downoading ringtones.

Mobile Phone Ringtones to Outsell CD Singles

For the UK market, an estimated 70m of ringtones will be sold in 2003 - up from 40m in 2002 - according to the Mobile Data Association. The value of polyphonic ringtones is highlighted.

GSM Association (GSMA)

Global trade association that represents the interests of more than 590 GSM mobile operators.

Articles and Sites that Discuss Polyphonic Music

Polyphonic Texture, University of Wisconsin

Voice Denumerability in Polyphonic Music

MIDI Manufacturers Association - specifications for General MIDI, Scaleable Polyphony, etc. web site for information and links related to music languages, APIs, libraries speech coding, synthesis and more. Parent company for Mobileer.


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