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AutoDuck From Mobileer

San Rafael, CA – August 29, 2008.

Mobileer Inc, a leading provider of polyphonic music software for embedded devices, announces the release of AutoDuck. AutoDuck is an automated mixer that mixes short voice recordings on top of a music track. The resulting mixed file is suitable for use as "music on hold", voice messages, announcements, etc. Music files are selected by dragging and dropping them onto AutoDuck. AutoDuck can read WAV, AIFF and MP3 files and output WAV or MP3 files. Some features of AutoDuck include adjustable gap times between voice recordings, adjustable volume levels and adjustable fade down/fade up times.

Phil Burk, President of Mobileer, says "AutoDuck enables customers to efficiently mix voice recordings with music. It is designed for production where people are making dozens or even hundreds of messages at a time."

More information can be found at "".

Interested parties may contact Katie Norris at +1-415-453-4320.

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Mobileer provides manufacturers with innovative polyphonic ringtone software and audio solutions for embedded devices like mobile phones, PDAs, toys, and other handheld devices. Mobileer's ringtone and audio solutions are highly portable, integrate quickly and produce modern, high-fidelity sound. Mobileer's R&D is aimed squarely at pioneering solutions for handheld device manufacturers to address the fast-growing consumer market's demand for polyphonic audio capabilities. Mobileer is a privately-held company based in San Rafael, California.


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