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The ringtones included with the ME1000 package were created by the following composers.

Jeanne Parson

Jane is based in Northern California. She composes primarily for video games and children's toys and other embedded systems.

Jay Cloidt

Jay is a Bay Area composer who has created works for Kronos Quartet, the Paul Dresher Ensemble, and many other electro-acoustic ensembles, solo artists, and dance and theater companies. He also creates music and sound design for a number of toy and game companies.

Nick Didkovsky

Nick Didkovsky is based in Manhattan. He composes primarily for his experimental rock ensemble Doctor Nerve, but he also composes for other ensembles and is very active in the Computer Music field. Nick is also a member of the Fred Frith Guitar Quartet.

Larry Polansky

Larry is a professor of music at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. He is an active composer in a variety of genres including algorithmic composition, modern classical, gamelan, and folk music.

Phil Burk

Phil's compositions are typically experimental and interactive but also include folk and modern classical music. An example of an experimental work is the WebDrum, an online interactive multi-player hyper-instrument.

William Burk

Bill is based in Southern California and has performed extensively with his band Hunger Farm.


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