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Mobileer ME3000 Supports New Mobile XMF Ringtone Standard

San Rafael, CA – December 7, 2005.

Mobileer Inc, a leading provider of polyphonic music software for embedded devices, announces the release of the ME3000. Available immediately, the ME3000 adds support for the new Mobile XMF (MXMF) ringtone standard and Downloadable Sounds (DLS2) to their current product line of software based music synthesizers. Since its adoption for 3GPP, industry watchers expect to see an explosion of MXMF ringtone content available for download.

Composers can make their MXMF ringtones sound more authentic or more unique by adding custom sounds including vocals, sound effects, or recordings of unusual instruments. Toy manufacturers and musical device manufacturers can use DLS2 to create their own custom embedded sound sets that go beyond the General MIDI sound set.

The ME3000 is part of the ME-Series line of products which convert Standard MIDI Files (SMF) to an audio stream. In addition to the MXMF standard, the ME Series also supports Scaleable Polyphonic MIDI (SP-MIDI) and General MIDI (GM), the primary standards for polyphonic ringtones.

The ME3000 provides engineers with a flexible architecture that can be tuned for sound quality, memory requirements, and CPU utilization. The software is designed specifically to execute on fixed-point integer 32 bit CPU designs such as those based on ARM, MIPS or Blackfin DSP. The software has no operating system dependencies and, therefore, ports to new platforms very quickly. The software architecture supports implementation on SOCs with limited RAM.

Phil Burk, President of Mobileer, says "We are happy to be offering support for Mobile XMF before the content is widely available. This will give manufacturers time to incorporate this technology into their products in time for the arrival of the MXMF content."

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