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Standard MIDI File

Most music applications have the ability export songs in Standard MIDI File (SMF) Format. Look for an "Export..." item in your application's "File" menu.

Tempo Supported

Tempo events are supported. These are normally placed in track zero.

Format 0 or Format 1

The Mobileer song player can play songs in Standard MIDI File (SMF) format. We support both Format 0 and Format 1.

In a Format 0 file, everything, all the notes and control information, is in one single track. In Format 1 files, the instruments are separated out into individual tracks. Format 1 files have the advantage of being able to mute or manipulate instruments independantly by track. But Format 1 files are more complex and cannot be played on all mobile synthesizer.

Some ringtone players from other vendors can only play Format 0 files. If you are creating songs that must be played on a variety of devices then it is safer to create a Format 0 file. When you export the song from your music application, you are usually given the choice between Format 0 or Format 1.

Limit Number of Tracks

The ME series tries to avoid allocating memory. So we preallocate enough memory to play up to 40 tracks in a Format 1 file. Given that MIDI only has 16 channels, this is usually ample. Just don't go crazy filling extra tracks with text meta events and comments.


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